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Message from Overall Chair

Mr. Toshimitsu Iwanami GBDe Overall Chair

For the last ten years e-commerce has grown substantially as Internet usage has spread all over the world. E-commerce provides enterprises with business opportunities which are not restrained by location or business size, enabling access to global markets which used to be beyond the reach of small enterprises. In newly developing countries as well where the income level is rising, dramatic growth of e-commerce is expected along with the rapid diffusion of the Internet and wide application of ICT. E-commerce can play an important role in ensuring sustainable economic growth for the generations to come.

While utilization of e-commerce opens a wider range of business opportunities to small enterprises, it also causes trust issues such as lack of transparency about the characteristics of trading partners, security risks, lack of privacy protection, and others. Furthermore, in the cross-border e-commerce field, where commercial practices and values vary and regulation is handled by different governments and laws, it is essential to establish common trade rules and a universal dispute resolution mechanism. GBDe has made recommendations for those issues through in-depth dialogues with various stakeholders.

The Global Business Dialogue on e-Society (GBDe) is a worldwide, CEO-led business initiative, established for the purpose of shaping global policy related to e-commerce. We submit annual policy recommendations to governments, enterprises, and related organizations around the globe. In doing so, we help foster a business environment where the e-commerce industry can grow, while making positive contributions to society.

In 2010 GBDe’s name was changed from “Global Business Dialogue on e-commerce” to “Global Business Dialogue on ‘e-society’,” adding new discussion issues such as economic disparity and the digital divide which prevent many global citizens from participating in the online world, and, keeping in mind how we affect the environment, guiding our community towards green business practices and eco-friendly strategies.

GBDe gives you the opportunity to be actively involved in the e-commerce industry’s decision-making process at a global level. I encourage you to join us as we continue to find solutions to the policy issues that affect e-commerce all over the world. Your participation will help grow GBDe’s influence and support its efforts to contribute to the sustained growth of global business.

Mr. Toshimitsu Iwanami
GBDe Overall Chair 2012
Senior Executive Vice President and Member of the Board
NEC Corporation