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Membership Benefits

The borderless nature of the Internet means global responses are required to meet e-commerce challenges and opportunities. Companies have an important role to play and can benefit from participating in this process.

International contact
The GBDe brings member companies into direct contact with other business representatives sharing similar e-commerce concerns and interests. It also provides an entreé into Government policy discussions and an opportunity for ministerial-level contact both within a member's country of origin and in other regions.
Information sharing
E-commerce issues have the potential to impact on any business with a significant online exposure. The borderless world means that any e-commerce problem in one country is almost certain to spill over into others. In many cases, insight into policy solutions or business models established to take advantage of new technologies or emerging markets can be applied directly to local markets.
Mutual cooperation
The GBDe provides an opportunity for business with competing interests to cooperate on specific issues in order to grow the market for all participants. Cooperation on e-commerce issues can create a climate of understanding and opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation in other areas of business.
Best practices
Participation in a global group provides an excellent opportunity to evaluate the state of e-commerce policy, the impact of technology and market opportunities in other parts of the world. The GBDe provides the valuable opportunity to compare e-commerce policies within a member's host country with those of other countries and identify ways in which these may be improved for the benefit of business.