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International NFC Payments (2005 - current)

The INP IG was established since 2008 and evolved from the IMP IG. In the past years, the issue group has made considerable progress. Among its accomplishments, the IMP IG has set up and carried out successfully several field trials for phone-bill based IMP. It also submitted best practices and annual recommendations based on their results.

Additionally, the IG not only focuses on phone bill-based IMP but is also interested in the development of Near Field Communication (NFC) IC card-based micropayments around the world. The most recent annual recommendation paper identified issues concerning the extension of NFC IC card-based micropayments to International Micropayments.

The INP IG is interested in promoting NFC payment worldwide. Interoperability is one of the biggest issues that can impact its success. The IG is currently investigating issues concerning INP interoperability. Based on the current status of INP interoperability, the future direction of the INP IG will devote attention to the following issues:

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