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Digital Opportunity (2008 - current)

With the worldwide development towards a knowledge economy and information society, a major effort is underway in many countries to build out information& communication technology (ICT) infrastructure. Differences between the "haves" and the "have-nots", however, have resulted in the emergence of a digital divide between people, between groups, and between nations. At the World Summit of Information Society (WSIS) convened by the United Nations in 2003 and 2005, an international consensus was reached as: The overall goal is to leverage ICT for the benefit of society as a whole, especially for disadvantaged groups.

To help achieve these objectives, the GBDe has initiated the Digital Opportunity Issue Group (DOIG) in 2008, to facilitate the global dialogue for exploring related issues of Digital Opportunity. DOIG promotes to utilize information and communication technology (ICT) as a tool for creating digital opportunity for all, leading to sustainable development and better quality of life.

On the basis of the documentary research and the exchange of experience between the Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan at the Forum in 2008, we suggest the governments have a responsibility to develop a "human-centered" information society, and that they should be working actively to create hope through digital opportunity. In terms of policy formulation, governments ought to be focusing on six key issues: incentive, ICT literacy, user-friendliness, accessibility, affordability and international collaboration. In 2009 DOIG is going to be focus on "Accessibility" & "Affordability" issues.

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