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Digital Home (2007 - current)

Driven by widespread broadband internet access and the convergence of hardware, communications, and content, digital home services has gradually become a reality in recent years. A private home becomes more intelligent and convenient with home networking as well as new and emerging consumer services provided by service providers. The digital home services cover almost all consumer interests, including home management/control, home healthcare, information, communication, entertainment and education.

The value chain of digital home includes broadband service providers, cellular carriers, Internet portals, home builders, service installers, and others. Despite the fact that various services of digital home are being fervently promoted and many kinds of small service systems are put into market, there still exist issues that need to be addressed before the promise of the digital home can be fully materialized.

Observing this trend of development, the GBDe has initiated the Digital Home IG in 2007 so as to facilitate the global dialogue for exploring related issues of Digital Home.

In year 2007, GBDe Digital Home IG addressed the status quo, motivations and expectations of the digital home industry. These issues cover considerations on service, network, device, users, and regulatory aspects.

Digital Opportunity
When approaching potential topics in digital home industry, businesses naturally tend to be more interested in service scenarios and business models while consumers are more concerned with privacy and security issues. Since all these aspects are crucial for the growth of this fledgling industry, GBDe Digital Home IG covered three study topics: Business Models, Service Scenarios, and Public Policy in year 2008.

Due to the fast pace of life, many people often do not have sufficient time to manage their health, including fitness and weight, which is one of the causes of significant increase of chronic diseases. The demand for medical care obviously will grow as society is aging. These trends are directly contributing to soaring healthcare costs. As health service costs rise, the demand for increased efficiency in home healthcare by employing ICT will significantly increase. In this year of 2009, we will study the issues of business models, service scenarios, and consumer experiences on healthcare service. Furthermore, as the signs of the greenhouse effect and the global warming have resulted in strong demand for energy conservation in the recent years, we will therefore include the important study topic of how energy saving can be incorporated in the digital home.

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