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Past Events

The GBDe worked on the issues with active policy development streams arranged into the following areas and announced its recommendations at the GBDe Summit every year.

Date Titel (Link for each event) Agenda
FY 2011
Dec, 8 GBDe General Assembly Meeting 2011 (Huaqiao/Kunshan, China) Link
Sep, 22-28 APEC TEL Meeting (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) n/a
Sep, 16-21 APEC ECSG Meetings(San Francisco) n/a
Mar, 1-5 APEC TEL Meeting (Hangzhou, China) Link
Mar, 1-5 APEC ECSG Meetings(Washington DC, USA) n/a
FY 2010
Dec, 2-3 ASOCIO ICT Summit (Taipei, Chinese Taipei) n/a
Nov, 10 Overall Chair Meeting for GBDe 2011 Planning (NTT DATA Headquarters, Tokyo) n/a
Nov, 2-3 Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) and Consumer Conference (Vancouver, Canada) n/a
Oct, 29 The 8th APEC Ministerial Meeting on Telecommunications and Information (APEC TELMIN 8)"ICT as an Engine for New Socio-economic Growth" (Okinawa, Japan) n/a
Oct, 14 GBDe General Assembly Meeting 2010 (Tokyo, Japan) Link
Sep, 19 APEC ECSG Meetings - ECSG Plenary Meeting n/a
Sep, 15-17 APEC ECSG Meetings - 2010 Privacy Sub-Group Meetings (Sendai, Japan) n/a
Aug, 2-7 APEC TEL Meeting 42 (Brunei Darussalam) n/a
May, 28 GCD(Global Cities Dialogue) Spring Summit of Mayors 2010 Brussels,Belgium (attended in Tokyo, Japan) n/a
May, 10-12 APEC TEL Meeting 41 (Taipei, Chinese Taipei) Link
May, 6-7 ICPEN Conference (Washington DC, USA) n/a
April, 30 GCD Sherpa meeting (Diegem, Belgium) n/a
Mar, 30 Overall Chair Visits ÖIAT, an Euro-Label member(Vienna, Austria) n/a
Mar, 29 Overall Chair Attended UNCITRAL Colloquium (Vienna, Austria) n/a
Mar, 11 Overall Chair Visits the City of Cologne, Germany(Cologne, Germany) n/a
Mar, 9 Overall Chair Visits U.S. Federal Trade Commission and Department of Commerce(Washington D.C., USA) n/a
Feb, 26-
Mar, 3
APEC ECSG Meeting(Hiroshima, Japan) n/a
Jan, 29 Sherpa meeting of Global Cities Dialogue (GCD) (Issy-les-Moulineaux, France) n/a
Jan, 21-22 Consumer Confidence IG Attended ERIA Meeting (Jakarta, Indonesia) n/a
FY 2009
Nov, 5 11th GBDe Summit (Germany)


Nov, 4 3rd BSC Meeting (Munich, Germany) n/a
Nov, 4 CC IG Meeting (Munich, Germany) n/a
Nov, 3-6 CASBAA Convention 2009 (Hong Kong) n/a
Nov, 2-3 GCD General Assembly Meeting (Helsinki, Norway) n/a
Sep, 23-30 APEC TEL 40 (Cancun, Mexico) n/a
Jul, 25-30 APEC ECSG Meeting (Singapore) n/a
Jul, 9 2nd BSC Meeting (Tokyo, Japan) n/a
Jul, 9 Consumer Confidence Issue Group meeting (Tokyo, Japan) n/a
Jul, 8 Digital Home workshop (Tokyo, Japan) n/a
Jul, 7 NFC & International Micropayments Forum (Tokyo, Japan) n/a
Apr, 13-18 APEC TEL 39 (Singapore) n/a
Feb, 22-26 APEC ECSG Meeting (Singapore) n/a
Feb, 12-13 1st BSC Meeting (Taipei, Taiwan) n/a
FY 2008
Nov, 21-23 APEC CEO Summit 2008 (Lima, Peru) n/a
Oct, 31 10th GBDe Summit (San Francisco) Link
Oct, 30 3rd BSC Meeting n/a
Oct, 12-17 APEC TEL (Lima, Peru) n/a
Aug, 12-16 APEC ECSG (Lima, Peru) n/a
Jun, 27 Digital Opportunity Workshop (Taipei) Link
Jun, 26 2nd BSC Meeting n/a
Jun, 25 Digital Home Workshop (Taipei) Link
Jun, 24 NFC & International Payments Workshop (Taipei) Link
Apr, 20-25 APEC TELMIN 7 (Bangkok, Thailand) n/a
Mar, 23-28 APEC TEL (Tokyo, Japan) n/a
Feb, 26 1st BSC Meeting n/a
Feb, 19-24 APEC ECSG (Lima, Peru) n/a
FY 2007
Nov, 9 9th GBDe Summit (Tokyo) PDF
Nov, 8 3rd BSC Meeting (Tokyo) n/a
Jul, 11 2nd BSC meeting (Taipei) n/a
FY 2006
Nov, 9-10 8th GBDe Summit (Taipei)
*See also Recommendations (EN/JP)
Nov, 8 NGN Workshop (Taipei) PDF 40KB
FY 2005
Oct, 17 7th GBDe Summit (Brussels) chaired by NTT Data, Japan
*See also Recommendations (EN/JP)
FY 2004
Nov, 30 6th GBDe Summit (Kuala Lumpur)
*See also Recommendations (EN/JP)
FY 2003
Nov, 6 5th GBDe Summit (New York) chaired by Korea Telecom, Korea
*See also Recommendations (EN/JP)
FY 2002
Oct, 29 4th GBDe Summit (Brussels) chaired by Vivendi Universal, France Telefonia, Spain
*See also Recommendations (EN/JP)
FY 2001
Sep, 14 3rd GBDe Summit (Tokyo) chaired by Fujitsu, Japan & Korea Telecom, Korea
*See also Recommendations (EN/JP)
FY 2000
Sep, 26 2nd GBDe Summit (Miami) chaired by Time Warner AOL, USA
*See also Recommendations (EN)
FY 1999
Sep, 13 1st GBDe Summit (Paris) chaired by Beltersmann, Germany
*See also Recommendations (EN)