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GBDe 2011 eneral Assembly Meeting

The Global Business Dialogue on e-Society (GBDe) is pleased to announce its 2011 General Assembly Meeting will be held on December 8th, 2011 in Huaqiao/Kunshan, China. This is the first time in GBDe’s history that the annual meeting will be held in China.

At the meeting GBDe members and guests will discuss GBDe’s 2011 annual theme "Harnessing the Power; Mitigating the Risks,"along with sub-themes "Trust and the Rise of Cloud Computing" and "Disaster Response & Recovery: ICT’s Role." These themes have been chosen in reflection on the major disasters that have occurred all over the world in recent years, and the innovation ICT has brought to society over the years.

This forum will provide attendees with opportunities for informal discussion, which hopefully can trigger future collaboration.

Following the panel discussions, dinner will be held. The 2011 General Assembly Meeting is GBDe's leading effort to provide a unique opportunity for e-society leaders to interact with executives and policymakers from corporations, governments and non-governmental organizations. Please join us for this special opportunity.