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Taipei, Chinese Taipei
Dec 2-3, 2010
On behalf of GBDe, Mr. Chihara of NEC Corporation participated in the "Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization(ASOCIO)ICT Summit," which was held in Taipei, Chinese Taipei on December 2nd and 3rd, 2010. ASOCIO is a group of IT industry associations comprising 29 economies in the regions. Established in 1984, ASOCIO's objective is to promote, encourage and foster relationships and trade between members and to develop the computing industry in the regions. Over 500 people attended the meeting.

Mr. Chihara delivered a speech in one of panel discussions titled "e-Business" and introduced GBDe's on-going activities and efforts on how to build consumers confidence in the cross-border B2C e-transactions. GBDe believes that building consumer confidence is one of the key elements to promote sound growth of cross-border e-commerce.

Overall Chair Meeting for GBDe 2011 Planning
NTT DATA Headquarters, Tokyo
Nov 10, 2010
Overall Chair Meeing for GBDe 2011 Planning
New GBDe Overall Chair for 2011, Mr. Michael Rehkopf of TPI visited Mr. Takashi Enomoto, the GBDe Overall Chair for 2010 at NTT DATA headquarters in Tokyo on November 10, 2010. Mr. Rehkopf was approved as Mr. Enomoto’s successor at the GBDe General Assembly Meeting on October 14 2010. Mr. Enomoto continues to support GBDe and Mr. Rehkopf as a Co-Chair. They discussed the future direction of GBDe. Mr. Rehkopf proposed some ideas such as selecting GBDe’s focus activity areas to maximize its limited resources to get the most effective results. Both chairs hope that GBDe will have new member organization in coming year and expand its global presence. Mr. Rehkopf agreed that he will make his best effort for recruiting activities.

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) and Consumer Conference
Vancouver, Canada
Nov 2-3, 2010
Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) and Consumer Conference
Mr. Chihara of NEC Corporation participated in the "Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) and Consumers 2010" conference held in Vancouver, Canada on November 2nd and 3rd. ODR experts from the Internet industry, public sector, the judiciary, financial sector, consumer groups, the legal profession, and the academic community discussed issues for a global resolution system to handle cross-border, low value disputes.

GBDe's Consumer Confidence Issue Group has been working on cross-border consumer dispute resolution to help build a safe and secure e-commerce environment. Mr. Chihara made a presentation on the GBDe's cross-border dispute handling efforts involving the trustmark alliance (ATA) and ICA-Net.

The main topic of the second day was the recent ODR proposal advanced by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) and the Organization of American States (OAS). GBDe supports the proposal and will contribute to the establishment of the global cross-border dispute resolution mechanism.

The 8th APEC Ministerial Meeting on Telecommunications and Information (APEC TELMIN 8)"ICT as an Engine for New Socio-economic Growth"
Okinawa, Japan
Oct 29, 2010
The 8th APEC Ministerial Meeting

The 8th APEC Ministerial Meeting

The 8th APEC Ministerial Meeting

The 8th APEC Ministerial Meeting

GBDe Overall Chair Mr. Enomoto, Senior Executive Vice President & Representative Director of NTT DATA, participated in APEC TELMIN 8 as a moderator for Three Party Dialogue held in Okinawa, Japan, on October 29, 2010.

Under the meeting theme "ICT as an Engine for New Socio-economic Growth," the experts from government, industry and academia sectors of APEC Economy discussed about the Internet economy, advancement of ICT usage and promotion of safe and worry-free ICT usage.

Major participants are:
- Dr. Shyue-Ching Lu (Chairman, Chunghwa
  Telecom, Chinese Taipei)
- Dr. Ryoji Chubachi (Vice Chairman, Sony
  Corporation, Japan)
- Dr. Hiroshi Esaki (Professor, The University
  of Tokyo, Japan)
- Dr. Masao Horibe (Emeritus Professor,
  Hitotsubashi University, Japan)
- Mr. Jake Jennings (Executive Director,
  AT&T, U.S.A)
- Dr. Kevin C. Kahn (Senior Fellow, Intel,
- Mr. Ryuji Yamada (President, NTT Docomo,

At the wrap-up remarks, Mr. Enomoto proposed that, learning from GBDe’s experiences, ICT should be utilized not only to pursue economic growth and rationalization but also to improve the quality of citizens’ lives and solve socio-economic problems such as environmental problems. He concluded his remark stressing the importance of creating opportunities to bring key persons together from government, industry and academia sectors like APEC TELMIN to discuss about challenges and mull measures for the future.

After the TELMIN meeting, a welcome reception was held for participating ambassadors and government officials from APEC Economy. Mr. Enomoto deepened exchanges with previous APEC Secretariat and GBDe Summit 2008 Honorable Speaker Ambassador Juan Carlos Capuñay and other special guests.

GBDe General Assembly Meeting 2010
Tokyo, Japan
Oct 14, 2010
GBDe the 11th Annual General Assembly Meeting

GBDe the 11th Annual General Assembly Meeting

GBDe the 11th Annual General Assembly Meeting

GBDe the 11th Annual General Assembly Meeting
GBDe General Assembly Meeting 2010

GBDe the 11th Annual General Assembly was held on October 14, 2010 at NTT DATA Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Under the theme "Smart and Reliable Society," over 50 international guests from industry, academy and government sectors gathered and held lively discussions.

In the morning session, GBDe hosted a tour of Shimizu Corporation's Technology Research Center. Two panel discussions were held in the afternoon session. In the first session, titled "'Smart & Reliable Society' in the Real World," active discussions were held on how to solve the problems our society is facing today and who will take the leading role. In the second session, titled "'Smart & Reliable Society' in the Virtual World," Ms. Vikki Rogers (Pace Law School / Pace University), Mr. Kul Wadhwa (Wikimedia Foundation Inc.) and other panelists passionately discussed the consumer trust challenges that countries and regions are facing and how to solve them with cross-border activities.

As the internet environment has rapidly advanced, the role of ICT and its challenges have become more diverse and complex, and the latter more difficult to solve. GBDe continues its efforts to solve all such problems with cooperation from key players around the world by creating opportunities for more discussions.

It has been announced that Mr. Michael Rehkopf of TPI has been selected as the 2011 Overall Chair and Mr. Takashi Enomoto of NTT DATA, who has chaired GBDe for three terms, as the co-chair. At the closing of the meeting, Mr. Rehkopf and Mr. Enomoto both expressed their goals and hopes for the new term's activities.

APEC ECSG Meetings
Sendai, Japan
Sep 15-17, 2010 Privacy Sub-Group Meetings
Sep 19, ECSG Plenary Meeting
Privacy Sub-Group Meetings

ECSG Plenary Meeting
On behalf of GBDe, Mr. Chihara of NEC attended the APEC ECSG (Electronic Commerce Steering Group) meetings which were held in Sendai, Japan. GBDe has kept one of the guest seats for private sector at ECSG since 2003. ECSG has been working on establishing the cross-border data privacy system among APEC economies, to which GBDe contributes by providing knowlege and experience on cross-border trustmark program and cross-border dispute resolution network that GBDe has been promoting.

APEC TEL Meeting 42
Brunei Darussalam
Aug 2-7, 2010
APEC TEL Meeting 42

APEC TEL Meeting 42
Mr. Nagata of NTT DATA attended the APEC Telecommunications and Information Working Group (APEC TEL 42) in Brunei Darussalam as a representative of GBDe. Several member organizations of GBDe also sent people to join the Green ICT Seminar as speakers and a moderator.

At the APEC TEL 42 conference, delegations had a series of serious discussions about the declaration for the 8th APEC Ministerial Meeting on Telecommunications and Information Industry (APEC TELMIN 8) that is planned for October 2010.

GBDe emphasized the need to balance standardization and open innovation from an economic perspective. They both are considered to play key roles in solving environmental issues for ICT. Mr. Nagata also announced the upcoming General Assembly Meeting on October 14, 2010 in Tokyo and invited APEC TEL members to the meeting.

This APEC TEL meeting was the last attendance for Ms. Susan B. Natividad of the APEC Secretariat. She has served as a Secretariat for both APEC TEL and the Electronic Commerce Steering Group (ECSG) and will now go back to her position in the Filipino Government. GBDe would like to express its sincere appreciation for her dedicated and continuous support for GBDe and wish her continued success.

GCD(Global Cities Dialogue) Spring Summit of Mayors 2010
Brussels,Belgium (attended in Tokyo, Japan)
May 28, 2010
GCD Spring Summit of Mayors 2010

GCD Spring Summit of Mayors 2010
Mr. Nagata and Ms. Ueki represented GBDe, at the affiliated member Global Cities Dialogue (GCD)’s Spring Summit of Mayors 2010, participating via Cisco video conference system Telepresence at Cisco headquarters in Tokyo.

Mr. Nagata gave a presentation about e-ID card usage trends in Japan in the first round table session, followed by a Q&A session with participants about the differences between Japan and Europe and the challenges in Japan. Other members introduced their projects, and lively discussions were held.

Vice President of European Commission (EC) and Digital Agenda Commissioner, Ms. Neelie Kroes’ keynote address made the Summit very valuable and a productive dialogue opportunity for GBDe and GCD members. GBDe looks forward to contributing more to digital poverty issues in the context of the digital solidarity through further cooperation with GCD.

APEC TEL Meeting 41
Taipei, Chinese Taipei
May 10-12, 2010
APEC TEL Meeting 41

APEC TEL Meeting 41
Mr. Nagata of NTT DATA attended the APEC Telecommunications and Information Working Group (APEC TEL 41) in Taipei, Chinese Taipei. He joined the Development Steering Group (DSG) meeting and plenary meeting at TEL 41.

Members are aggressively pursuing ambitious projects in DSG meeting which GBDe hopes to contribute to in future activities.

He gave a presentation about GBDe's current activities and some updates of GBDe at the plenary meeting. He announced that GBDe aims to create a "Smart and Reliable Society" with ICT at a reasonable cost, while leveraging the real business experience of its members.

GBDe is content to have a productive discussion with APEC economy members about the contribution of ICT to the increasing environmental cost and is looking forward to sharing the knowledge learned and case studies at the next APEC TEL conference.

PDFGBDe APEC TEL 41 Presentation Material

ICPEN Conference
Washington DC, USA
May 6-7, 2010
ICPEN Conference
ICPEN (International Consumer Protection Enforcement Network) conference was held 6-7 May in Washington DC. ICPEN is a membership organization consisting of consumer protection law enforcement authorities from across the globe, which provides a forum for developing and maintaining regular contact between consumer protection agencies and focusing on consumer protection concerns. The conference was attended by about 150 people from 45 countries.

Mr. Chihara of NEC Sherpa attended the conference and made a presentation at one of the sessions "Cross-border dispute resolution systems". As an international effort for cross-border dispute resolution in Asia-Pacific region, the mechanisms of cross-border trustmark alliance (ATA) and international consumers complaint handling network (ICA-Net) were introduced at the session. The constructive discussions were made on cooperation between GBDe and ICPEN member states.

GCD Sherpa meeting
Diegem, Belgium
April 30, 2010
GCD Sherpa meeting

GCD Sherpa meeting
Mr. Nagata of NTT DATA, the head of GBDe Sherpa, attended the Sherpa meeting of Global Cities Dialogue (GCD) held in Diegem, Belgium, where GCD is going to have a Summit on May 28.

This Sherpa meeting was held to plan the strategy and prepare for the upcoming Summit. As the meeting was held at Cisco Systems Headquarter building, they utilized Cisco’s TelePresence meeting tool to connect with other GCD members from Italy and Korea who could not join in Diegem.

At the Summit, the Commissioner of European Commission Ms. Neelie Kroes will joins as a special guest. GBDe is going to contribute to the Summit by providing a special activities report. With e-Society issue as a common activity ground, GBDe believes that strengthening the relationship with GCD can benefit both parties.

Overall Chair Visits ÖIAT, an Euro-Label member
Vienna, Austria
Mar 30, 2010
Overall Chair Visits ÖIAT, an Euro-Label member
GBDe Overall Chair Mr. Enomoto, NEC Sherpa Mr. Chihara, and NTT DATA Sherpa Mr. Ito visited ÖIAT (Österreichisches Institut fürangewandte Telekommunikation: Austrian Institute for Applied Telecommunications) in Vienna, Austria. Mr. Franz Haslinger, Head of E-Commerce and Ms. Katharina Maimer, Legal Staff, who were the guests for Summit 2009, welcomed them and presented a recent update on ÖIAT's activities.

As a member of Euro-Label, ÖIAT has been discussing the possible collaboration with Asia-Pacific Trustmark Alliance (ATA) since October 2009, and Euro-Label recently agreed to join ATA. As there has been growing e-commerce transaction between the Euro-Label member countries and Non-EU member countries, Mr. Haslinger and Ms. Maimer expressed their hope that Euro-Label's participation to ATA will accelerate the expansion of their activities. Mr. Enomoto expressed gratitude to Euro-Label for joining ATA and hoped that the collaboration between Euro-Label and ATA will facilitate the trustmark services for cross-border e-Commerce. Mr. Enomoto also expressed his hope that Euro-label will participate in ATA's annual conference, which will be held in Tokyo in October 2010.

Overall Chair Attended UNCITRAL Colloquium
Vienna, Austria
Mar 29, 2010
Overall Chair Attended UNCITRAL Colloquium
Overall Chair Mr. Takashi Enomoto, Mr. Chihara (NEC Sherpa), and Mr. Ito (NTT DATA Sherpa) participated in the Colloquium on "A FRESH LOOK AT ONLINE DISPUTE RESOLUTION (ODR) AND GLOBAL E-COMMERCE" held at United Nations Vienna International Centre and co-hosted by the Institute of International Commercial Law of Pace Law School (UNCITRAL).

Mr. Enomoto was invited as one of the panelists for the session "Existing Dispute Resolution Mechanisms for Cross-Border B2B and B2C Transactions: Serving State, Business and Consumer Interests?" Other panelists were Mr.Charlie Underhill (Better Business Bureau), Mr. Michael Mcllwrath (General Electric), Prof. Xu Junke (China Foreign Affairs University), Mr. Hugh Stevenson (US Federal Trade Commission), and Mr. Colin Rule (eBay and PayPal).

At the panel session, Mr. Enomoto introduced ICA-Net as an existing international consumer’s complaint-handling network for cross-border e-commerce. He pointed out that ICA-Net needed more participants and should be more widely recognized in order to protect more consumers. He also emphasized that governmental support is required for ICA-Net to be sustainable as ICA-Net has been operated on voluntary basis.

At the colloquium, "Alternative Dispute Resolution Guideline (", co-developed by GBDe and Consumer International in 2003, was referred by multiple panelists, including OECD, US Department of State and FTC, as the guideline made contribution and breakthrough to the realization of ADR mechanism. Mr. Scott Cooper, who had acted as Hewlett-Packard Sherpa and the lead in the negotiations with Consumers International when the guideline was developed, also joined the colloquium. Mr. Enomoto appreciated Mr. Cooper for the GBDe’s past outcome and exchanged views with him as well as other panelists including Mr. Underhill and Mr. Rule.

Click Here to Read Mr. Enomoto’s Full Speech>>>

Overall Chair Visits the City of Cologne, Germany
Cologne, Germany
Mar 11, 2010
Overall Chair Visits the City of Cologne, Germany
GBDe Overall Chair Mr. Enomoto visited the City of Cologne, Germany, which is the member city of Global Cities Dialogue (GCD), where GBDe Summit 2009 guest speaker Vice Mayor Ms. Angela Spizig serves an active member on the board.

Mr. Enomoto met two representatives from the City of Cologne; Mr. Michael Josipovic, Deputy Director, Head of International Business Development Department, Office of Economic Development, and Mr. Christoph Goormann, assistant to Ms. Spizig. Ms. Clair Klindt of White Balance, who is the GCD contact, also joined them to support and facilitate the discussion at the meeting.

Mr. Josipovic proposed that the City of Cologne, as the fourth largest city in Germany, would like to develop business collaboration between the city and GBDe. Mr. Enomoto appreciated his proposal and agreed to continue their discussion through GCD.

Overall Chair Visits U.S. Federal Trade Commission and Department of Commerce
Washington D.C., USA
Mar 9, 2010
Overall Chair Visits U.S. Federal Trade Commission and Department of Commerce
GBDe Overall Chair, Mr. Enomoto and NTT DATA Sherpa, Mr. Ito paid a courtesy visit to Pamela Harbour, Commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in Washington D.C. Mr. Marcus Heyder, who was the guest speaker from FTC at the GBDe Annual Summit in 2009, also participated.

At the meeting, Mr. Enomoto presented an update on GBDe's Consumer Confidence Issue Group's recent activities, including the Asia Pacific Trustmark Alliance (ATA) and ICA-Net. Mr. Enomoto appreciated FTC's understanding and support for these activities. Although Commissioner Harbour will be leaving the Commission in the coming months, she expressed her expectation that FTC will continue its support and wished GBDe success in its future efforts.

Mr. Enomoto also visited the Department of Commerce to meet Ms. Robin Layton, Director of the Office of Technology and Electronic Commerce, Ms. Mary Saunders, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Manufacturing and Services at the International Trade Administration, and Mr. Joshua Harris.

Ms. Layton explained the Data Privacy Pathfinder Initiative at APEC ECSG and expressed her hope that GBDe will participate in and support the Initiative by utilizing the know-how of ATA. Encouraged by GBDe, some of the ATA members have already agreed to participate in the work at APEC, and Mr. Enomoto pledged ATA’s continued support.

Hiroshima, Japan
Feb 26-Mar 3, 2010

The APEC Electronic Commerce Steering Group (APEC ECSG 21) seminar and meeting were held in Hiroshima, Japan from February 26 to March 3rd. Mr. Nagata of NTT DATA Corp. attended those meetings as a representative of GBDe.

Many associates from Asia Trustmark Alliance (ATA) joined the Data Privacy Sub-group (DPS) seminar and shared information on the current situation and challenges concerning Trustmark issues. Ms. Pamela Jones Harbour, Commissioner of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), who participated in the 2007 GBDe Summit in Tokyo, announced that this would be her last participation in the ECSG meeting as her term at FTC is expiring soon. GBDe would like to thank her for cooperation over the years and wishes her further success in any future endeavors.

At the plenary meeting, GBDe provided information about its latest activities and the Summit held in Munich, Germany in November, 2009. GBDe appreciated the encouraging comments from Ms. Robin R. Layton of the U.S. Department of Commerce (DoC) on GBDe’s activities and future cooperation.

Some bright future prospects also emerged. Many representatives interested in GBDe’s support for ICA-Net and ATA are considering their participation in GBDe. GBDe hopes to expand its networking in the APEC region with them. Additionally, the planning stage of APEC Data Privacy Pathfinder Project is nearly complete, and the GBDe Consumer Confidence Issue Group (CCIG) is looking forward to further cooperation on this project.

Sherpa meeting of Global Cities Dialogue (GCD)
Issy-les-Moulineaux, France
Jan 29,2010
Sherpa meeting of Global Cities Dialogue

Sherpa meeting of Global Cities Dialogue
Mr. Nagata attended the Sherpa meeting of GCD held in Issy-les-Moulineaux, France,representing GBDe. Various topics such as activity theme for 2010, schedule, member communication policy, were discussed.

Europe based GCD and Asia-Pacific based GBDe agreed that they can foster geographically complementary relationship together. GCD and GBDe will continue strengthening understanding of each other by exchanging activities and information.

Consumer Confidence IG Attended ERIA Meeting
Jakarta, Indonesia
Jan 21-22, 2010
Consumer Confidence IG Attended ERIA Meeting
Mr. Chihara of Consumer Confidence Issue Group (CCIG) attended the ERIA
meeting held in Jakarta, Indonesia (Jan. 21-22, 2010).
The ICA-Net (international network for handling consumers complaints on cross-border e-transactions), which has been promoted by CCIG since 2007, was adopted as a main theme of ERIA's one of the working groups "WG for Establishment of a Secure and Safe e-Commerce Marketplace". Government officials, lawyers, university professors, consumers groups, etc. from Malaysia, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines and Japan attended the meeting and discussed about the further implementation and sustainability of ICA-Net.