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OECD ICCP Ministerial Meeting in Soeul, Korea, on
June, 16 2008.

Below is the text of the speech given by GBDe Overall Chair Takashi Enomoto.

ICCP Ministerial Meeting in Seoul
ICCP Ministerial Meeting in Seoul, Mr,Enomoto

Thank you very much. My name is Takashi Enomoto, the overall chair of Global Business Dialogue on Electronic Commerce.

I’d like to thank Mr. Gurria for giving me the opportunity to speak at this honorable event today, and also the BIAC officials for their efforts to make this happen. I also would like to thank the Korean planning committee members for hosting this meaningful event.

It has been 10 years since the ICCP Ministerial Meeting last met, and in that time the GBDe has changed from a brand new initiative based in Europe to a global organization with a strong presence in Asia.

Today, GBDe is a worldwide, CEO-led business initiative. Our members continue to be actively involved in shaping and promoting a practical and effective global e-commerce framework.

The need for the GBDe was first recognized by leading companies who wanted to avoid a patchwork of different government regulations which would hamper market growth in individual countries, within regions and throughout the world.

In order to avoid this confusion, our corporate members submit work with governments worldwide to help harmonize regulations.

For example, we’ve been actively involved in the OECD’s “Guidelines for the Security of Information Systems and Networks” working group.

In APEC, we are an official guest of the “Electronic Commerce Steering Group” and the “Telecommunications and Information Working Group”, and we submit policy recommendations to these groups.

We are also active within the private sector. Recently, GBDe reached an agreement with the world’s largest consumer coalition, Consumers International, on guidelines for the provision of alternative dispute resolution services for e-commerce. These guidelines now serve as a template for all online ADR services for cross-border trade.

We have also been actively exchanging ideas with other stakeholders, like the Financial Services Technology Consortium in the United States, and the Open Group, which promotes global standards and interoperability.

The environment surrounding the e-commerce industry has changed drastically in the past few years. While new technologies and business innovations have created better world for global consumers, there is also a “dark” side. Consumers face a number of risks as we struggle to maintain our privacy as our personal information becomes increasingly exposed and available.

I strongly believe that we will continue facing these risks and challenges as technologies and business innovations continue their endless development. I believe that it is vital for all of us to overcome the “dark side” of e-commerce, which requires collaboration between industry and the public sector. GBDe works to enhance this collaboration.

This year, GBDe is focusing on creating a sustainable e-commerce business environment. We have made a few changes to our issue groups to reflect this new focus.

First, we have established a new issue group called ‘Digital Opportunity’ which will focus on sustainable development.

Second, the Ubiquitous Network Society [Issue Group] will undertake issues such as the role of ICT to improve the environment and the improvement of the ICT industry’s eco-friendliness.

Additionally, our four other groups will consider how sustainability affects their issues.

As an example of the kind of work that our issue groups produce, I would like to give a report regarding the achievements of the Consumer Confidence Issue Group.

Consumer Confidence is an issue group that has approached different consumer confidence issues since its foundation and is currently working on three topics which include both short-term and long-term challenges. The three topics are Cross Border Trust Mark, Cross Border Privacy Protection, and Cross Border ADR.

Regarding the first topic, Trust Mark, our issue group has given support to the ATA (Asian Pacific Trust Mark Alliance), one of our many stakeholders. We have helped the ATA develop greater awareness of their issue and aided them in increasing their membership.

For the second topic, Cross Border Privacy Protection, our issue group is concerned about International outsourcing and is currently conducting a field survey mainly targeting privacy experts in the top Fortune 500 companies.

For the third topic, Cross-Border ADR, we have developed the plan of International Consumer Advisory Network (ICA-Net) which we proposed in the summit last year and through which we are appealing to the countries and organizations to support our efforts for Cross Border ADR.

The Consumer Confidence Issue Group is also having detailed discussions with various stakeholders about the development of ICA-Net in order to build an environment where consumers will be able to comfortably use e-commerce internationally at an early stage. Through further discussions, we are expecting a collaborative relationship with OECD members in which a better environment can be established in terms of handling problems that arise when foreign products are purchased via the Internet. We believe this is necessary for e-commerce to prosper at a global level.

This year, our 10th annual GBDe summit will be held in October 31st, in San Francisco, California.

The summit is a great opportunity for our members and guests to meet with experts from government, corporations, universities and other organizations to discuss various issues related to E-commerce.

Last year, at our summit in Tokyo, Mr. Hiroya Masuda, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications and Mr. Akira Amari, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry attended the summit from Japan. We were also proud to have Mr. Pier Padoan, the Deputy Secretary General of OECD, as the opening speaker. From the United States, Ms. Pamela Harbour, FTC Commissioner, participated in the privacy related discussion as an expert in that area.

We will put information about our latest activities and the Summit in San Francisco on our Web-site.

Thank you very much for inviting me to speak to you today. I look forward to working with the ICCP in the future on our many shared interests.