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8th GBDe Summit ASIAN e-BUSINESS: Shaping the World

Nov. 9-10, 2006, Taipei

The GBDe worked on the issues with active policy development streams arranged into the following areas and announced its recommendations at the GBDe Summit held in Taipei on November 9 and 10, 2006.

Agenda (PDF 63KB)

Recommendations (EN, 465KB/JP, 696KB)

Issue Groups:

Ubiquitous Network Society (UNS)
Discussing the IT policies focusing on Government strategic goals and progress towards realizing UNS. (led by Nomura Research Institute)
Next Generation Network (NGN)
Exploring the business opportunities and IT policy concerns regarding the establishment of NGN. (led by Fujitsu Limited)
Cyber Security
Exploring the realization of secure and convenient cyber society with the hottest topic on cyber security. (led by Information-technology Promotion Agency:IPA)
Consumer Confidence
Exploring the key elements to establish global trends in consumer confidence. (led by NEC Corporation)
International Micro-Payments
Focusing on requirements for sustainable business models and policies for micro-payment transactions. (led by Chunghwa Telecom)
Mega Media
Exploring the growing impact of convergence on the delivery of digital contents. (led by Multimedia Development Corporation: MDeC)
Facilitating the promotion of e-Government. (led by Hitachi)