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Why was the GBDe established?
The need for the GBDe was first recognized by leading companies who wanted to avoid a patchwork of different government regulations which would hamper market growth in individual countries, within regions and throughout the world.

It was clear that badly conceived Internet policies in one country could harm business interests in another. In addition, it was acknowledged that the private sector would be able to rapidly identify potential issues created by the application of new technology, and this could prove extremely useful for Government policymakers.
Mission in "GBDe Governance Rules"
1.1 The Global Business Dialogue on e-Society (GBDe) is a world-wide business-driven forum providing a constructive venue for stakeholders to work towards consensus agreement on major e-Society policy challenges.
1.2 Established in January 1999 to assist in the creation of a policy framework for the development of a global online economy and stimulate discussion among stakeholders in the e-commerce value chain on emerging online trends and issues GBDe continues to evolve. From 2010, GBDe expanded the target to e-Society, due to the tremendous progress of ICT.
1.3 GBDe is based on four principles:
  i. e-Society has the potential to increase prosperity, create employment and improve lives;
  ii. the borderless nature of the internet requires a global response to e-Society policy challenges;
  iii. the pace and scope of change requires business to play a leadership role to develop an effective e-Society framework that is global, market driven and flexible; and
  iv. policy solutions should be based on self-regulation where possible.
1.4 GBDe is committed to the principle of transparency, encouraging liaison and dialogue with interested parties concerned with e-Society issues.
1.5 GBDe focuses on four complementary activities:
  i. development of reflection papers to stimulate discussion by identifying challenges and opportunities raised by the application of new technology;
  ii. development of global policy recommendations;
  iii. support for global cooperation envisaged by GBDe policy; and
  iv. advocacy of previously agreed policy recommendations.
1.6 The development of reflection papers on new technology is undertaken within the Issue Groups with input from GBDe members and external sources.
1.7 The development of global policy recommendations is undertaken through a decision-making process involving all GBDe members, complying with GBDe’s Consensus Rules, and incorporating feedback from external sources.
See also: PDF GBDe Governance Rules (EN PDF 233 KB)