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Promoting a Public / Private Dialogue

The Global Business Dialogue on e-Society (GBDe) is a worldwide, CEO-led, business initiative, established in January 1999 to assist the development of a global policy framework for the emerging online economy.

GBDe has been actively promoting a private sector/government dialogue on convergence-related issues since 2001.

March 27, 2013
Release of "GBDe Chronicle"

We are pleased to release "GBDe Chronicle," the publication which compiles GBDe’s past activities and achievements for the past 13 years. "GBDe Chronicle" looks back on past summit meetings and major achievements by featuring special remarks from GBDe members. We hope this document to be of recollection of all the achievements members made together, and becomes a reference to those who pursue similar public interest in a global scale.

Thank you very much for all the support and cheers you all have provided over the past decade.

It can be downloaded here:

*Duplex printing preferred design.

May 31, 2012
GBDe Organization Dissolution Announcement

Message from Mr. Iwanami, 2012 Overall Chair

Past Major Events & Activities:

APEC ECSG Meetings
GBDe would like to announce that Mr. Toshimitsu Iwanami, Senior Executive Vice President and Member of the Board of NEC Corporation, has become the 2012 GBDe Overall Chair. We have posted his greeting message here.

GBDe General Assembly Meeting 2011
Huaqiao/Kunshan, China
Dec 8, 2011
GBDe General Assembly Meeting 2011 The Global Business Dialogue on e-Society (GBDe) held General Assembly Meeting on December 8th, 2011 in Huaqiao/Kunshan, China. This was the first time in GBDe’s history that the annual meeting to be held in China. Invited guests and GBDe members had discussions on 2011 annual theme "Harnessing the Power; Mitigating the Risks," along with sub-themes "Trust and the Rise of Cloud Computing" and "Disaster Response & Recovery: ICT’s Role." GBDe would like to thank all the guests who have attended and contributed to the event. The list of guest speakers, presentation materials and agenda can be found here.

APEC TEL Meeting
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Sep 22-28, 2011
APEC TEL Meeting

APEC TEL Meeting

APEC TEL Meeting
On behalf of GBDe, Mr. Nagata of NTT DATA attended the 44th APEC TEL (Telecommunications and Information Working Group) meeting held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

At TEL 44, several of our member companies’ representatives attended as speakers for both meetings and seminars such as the Disaster Management Seminar for ICT Digital Steering Group’s (DSG) project. They presented some case studies and information from their experiences and aspects.

We believe that the theme for our approaching annual General Assembly Meeting (GAM), “Harnessing the Power; Mitigating the Risks”, is deeply related to many of APEC TEL’s projects. GBDe believes that we could exchange useful and important information that will be mutually beneficial.

GBDe is proud to be able to contribute to APEC TEL activities. We do our best to collaborate continuously to provide the private sector's point of view.

Information sharing, open innovation and standardization are essential to effectively utilize ICT’s mighty power to combat today’s issues, Mr. Nagata expressed GBDe’s intent to continue strengthening cooperation with APEC associates to create a better ICT society through opportunities like upcoming TEL meetings and GBDe’s GAM.

APEC ECSG Meetings
San Francisco
Sep. 16 - 21, 2011
APEC ECSG Meetings
On behalf of GBDe, Mr. Chihara of NEC Corporation attended the APEC ECSG (Electronic Commerce Steering Group) meetings held in San Francisco.

GBDe has been participating in the discussions of the APEC Cross-Border Privacy Rules System, which has been successfully completed and will be rolled out among APEC participating economies. GBDe has provided ECSG with knowledge and experience on cross-border trustmark programs and cross-border dispute resolution networks.

At the ECSG plenary meeting GBDe reported its recent activity in the area of consumer confidence in e-commerce. The ATA (Asia-pacific Trustmark Alliance), which GBDe has supported since its inception, has expanded to 15 participating economies, including Europe, and expansion to South America is being considered. The cross-border e-commerce consumer dispute resolution network which GBDe has initiated is taking shape with funding support from the Japanese government.

GBDe also reported on this year’s annual plenary meeting, to be held on December 8th in Huaqiao, China. The theme of this year's meeting is "Harnessing the Power; Mitigating the Risks" and the two main discussion themes will be The Trust and Rise of Cloud Computing, and Disaster Response and Recovery; ICT's Role.

APEC TEL Meeting
Hangzhou, China
Mar 1-5, 2011
APEC TEL Meeting

APEC TEL Meeting
On behalf of GBDe, Mr. Nagata of NTT DATA attended the 43rd APEC TEL (Telecommunications and Information Working Group) meeting recently held in Hangzhou, China.

At the meeting, Mr. Nagata presented a message from Mr. Enomoto, co-chair of GBDe 2011.

In the message, Mr. Enomoto thanked APEC TEL members for all their kind consideration of the earthquake in Japan. This tragic event made him feel even more keenly the importance of telecommunication infrastructure to society, especially in such emergency situations.

Expressing his appreciation for the hard efforts that made last October’s TELMIN8 meeting in Okinawa so productive and successful, Mr. Enomoto stated his hope that APEC TEL will continue to contribute to the development of ICT and resolution of cross-border security issues. He concluded his message by stating that GBDe would like to enhance collaboration with APEC TEL, especially in the area of disaster management.

At the meeting, Mr. Nagata also reported on recent GBDe activities and introduced GBDe’s Digital Life Issue Group’s reflection paper on how ICT can be used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

GBDe would like to express its deep appreciation to former TEL chair Mr. Zi-Ping Liu, who demonstrated great leadership from TEL 39 to 43. GBDe will continue to actively contribute under the leadership of the new TEL chair, Mr. Kenji Tanaka.

PDF Message from Mr. Enomoto, co-chair of GBDe 2011

APEC ECSG Meetings
Washington DC, USA
Mar 1-5, 2011
APEC ECSG Meetings

APEC ECSG Meetings
On behalf of GBDe, Mr. Chihara of NEC Corporation attended the APEC ECSG (Electronic Commerce Steering Group) meetings held in Washington DC.

GBDe has been participating in the APEC ECSG as one of the representatives from private sector since 2003. GBDe provides ECSG with knowledge and experience on cross-border trustmark program and cross-border dispute resolution network.

GBDe reported the activity update in the area of consumer confidence in e-commerce. In regard to global trustmark alliance, with Euro-Label's participation in 2010, ATA (Asia Pacific Trustmark Alliance) now has 15 member economies participation. ATA will soon change its name from ATA to WTA (World Trustmark Alliance) and collaborate among member economies.

As for dispute resolution in the cross-border e-commerce, the 2-year pilot project of ICA-NET (International Consumers Advisory Network), which GBDe has been vigorously supporting, has finished last year with fruitful result. ICA-NET is now in talk with ECC-Net in Europe for inter-region cooperation in e-commerce dispute resolution.

GBDe also reported on annual plenary meeting plan this year. The meeting will be held in late October in Shanghai, China. Many e-commerce key players as well as government officials will be invited to exchange information and opinions for further growth of cross-border e-commerce. E-commerce is also rapidly expanding in China, and very intriguing discussions with them are expected at the meeting. Stay tuned for more detailed information about the annual plenary meeting.

Taipei, Chinese Taipei
Dec 2-3, 2010
On behalf of GBDe, Mr. Chihara of NEC Corporation participated in the "Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization(ASOCIO)ICT Summit," which was held in Taipei, Chinese Taipei on December 2nd and 3rd, 2010. ASOCIO is a group of IT industry associations comprising 29 economies in the regions. Established in 1984, ASOCIO's objective is to promote, encourage and foster relationships and trade between members and to develop the computing industry in the regions. Over 500 people attended the meeting.

Mr. Chihara delivered a speech in one of panel discussions titled "e-Business" and introduced GBDe's on-going activities and efforts on how to build consumers confidence in the cross-border B2C e-transactions. GBDe believes that building consumer confidence is one of the key elements to promote sound growth of cross-border e-commerce.

Overall Chair Meeting for GBDe 2011 Planning
NTT DATA Headquarters, Tokyo
Nov 10, 2010
Overall Chair Meeing for GBDe 2011 Planning
New GBDe Overall Chair for 2011, Mr. Michael Rehkopf of TPI visited Mr. Takashi Enomoto, the GBDe Overall Chair for 2010 at NTT DATA headquarters in Tokyo on November 10, 2010. Mr. Rehkopf was approved as Mr. Enomoto’s successor at the GBDe General Assembly Meeting on October 14 2010. Mr. Enomoto continues to support GBDe and Mr. Rehkopf as a Co-Chair. They discussed the future direction of GBDe. Mr. Rehkopf proposed some ideas such as selecting GBDe’s focus activity areas to maximize its limited resources to get the most effective results. Both chairs hope that GBDe will have new member organization in coming year and expand its global presence. Mr. Rehkopf agreed that he will make his best effort for recruiting activities.

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) and Consumer Conference
Vancouver, Canada
Nov 2-3, 2010
Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) and Consumer Conference
Mr. Chihara of NEC Corporation participated in the "Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) and Consumers 2010" conference held in Vancouver, Canada on November 2nd and 3rd. ODR experts from the Internet industry, public sector, the judiciary, financial sector, consumer groups, the legal profession, and the academic community discussed issues for a global resolution system to handle cross-border, low value disputes.

GBDe's Consumer Confidence Issue Group has been working on cross-border consumer dispute resolution to help build a safe and secure e-commerce environment. Mr. Chihara made a presentation on the GBDe's cross-border dispute handling efforts involving the trustmark alliance (ATA) and ICA-Net.

The main topic of the second day was the recent ODR proposal advanced by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) and the Organization of American States (OAS). GBDe supports the proposal and will contribute to the establishment of the global cross-border dispute resolution mechanism.
Past Events (FY1999-2011)